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Innovative Green Solutions


Smart Tools to Optimize Energy Performance

Knowledge is power. At Mastering Green, we believe data is essential to making informed decisions with business and social implications. 

Enabled by the ubiquitous IT infrastructure of the modern world, our specialists tap into the "Internet of Things", employing the most sophisticated tools to measure and verify energy usage and production.

Management & Analysis

Renewable Energy Design & Installation

From residential to utility-scale systems, our engineers design 2 kW to 5 MW+ solar energy systems to meet individual and grid needs.

In addition, we provide LEED Green Building construction management and energy auditing services.

We have consulted for government agencies on innovative research projects, from energy resilience to community solar.


From Us to You

Building in-house capacity is critical to the sustainability of an organization. 

Our subject matter experts are also skilled trainers, and we offer a well-rounded curriculum for technicians, engineers, and policymakers seeking to bolster their knowledge of cutting-edge energy and environmental technologies.

Courses include:

Solar Photovoltaic Technology, Operations & Maintenance

Wind Energy Technology

Energy Management

HVAC Technology, Operations & Maintenance

Plumbing & Water Quality

Basic Electrical Engineering

Manufacturer-Specific Building Automation Systems (Schneider, Siemens, Johnson Controls)

Construction Management

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